August 13, 2013

All Red Army Standard brand ammunition is contracted to be non-corrosive. That is why we look carefully into all customer comments and inquiries. Recently, when a customer commented that our 7.62 X 54R ammunition might be corrosive, we immediately retained HP White, a third-party lab to examine the issue. HP White's findings, unfortunately, confirmed that a small shipment of Red Army Standard 7.62 X 54R ammunition did contain corrosive components. Apparently, one of our suppliers in Romania inadvertently and incorrectly shipped corrosive ammunition to us despite our strict specifications that all Red Army Standard ammunition be non-corrosive only. The only out of specification ammunition shipped in limited quantities. We are recalling all Red Army Standard 7.62 X 54R ammunition. Please note that no other calibers of Red Army Standard ammunition or any other brand we carry are affected by this issue.

If you have purchased Red Army Standard 7.62 X 54R ammunition please contact Century International Arms Inc. Customer Service Dept. at 1-800-270-2767 and our professional staff will arrange for a full refund of the affected ammunition or offer you a credit of 120% of your purchase price toward other Century products. All you need is your sales receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you.

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